ThinkStation Quad AIC M.2 SSD Adapter 4XH0V09766

PN: 4XH0V09766
EAN: 193386704027
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Product Description

The ThinkStation Quad AIC M.2 SSD Adapter will let you add 4 high speed PCIe M.2 SSDs to your PC with an available x4 express expansion slot. It provides you a convenient way to improve your performance and expand overall internal storage.

Top Features

  • Supports up to four PCIe X4 M.2 SSDs with the following card types 2242, 2260, 2280 and 22110
  • Compatible with specific ThinkStation PCs
  • Easy to install.

Tech Specs

Available CapacityUp to 2TB/ SSD
Transfer Speed32 Gb/s
Authentication MethodSI test
Function test
Stability test
Secure Ensure ToolsNuMicro ICP Programming Tool 2.00.6561
Reset to Factory ModeYes
Special/Added FeaturesSupports up to four PCIe X4 M.2 SSDs Key-M with the following card types 2242, 2260, 2280 and 22110
Mixing cards of different length is allowed.
Specialized Software/DriverMedinaCardFANCtrl_20171030_Ver10.bin
Supported OSWin10
Hardware RequirementsM.2 Socket
DC to DC Converter
PCIe Clocking
Blower MCU
PCIe X 16 Edge Connector
Length339 mm
DepthSingle slot
Height111.15 mm
Product Weight0.5 kg
Shipment GroupQuad AIC M.2 SSD Adapter
Specific Poster
Common Warrenty
Package TypeBrown box
Packed Dimensions (L x D x H)482*171*62 mm
Packed Weight0.7 kg
Warranty Period1 Year
Warranty TypeCustomer Replaceable Unit (CRU)


Operating System

OS Independent

Compatible Machines

ThinkStation P520-30BE30BEThinkStation P520-30BF30BFThinkStation P520-30BN30BNThinkStation P520-30BP30BPThinkStation P520-30BQ30BQThinkStation P620-30E030E0ThinkStation P620-30E130E1ThinkStation P720-30BA30BAThinkStation P720-30BB30BBThinkStation P720-30BU30BUThinkStation P920-30BC30BCThinkStation P920-30BD30BDThinkStation P920-30BV30BV

Size / Weight
339 x Single Slot x 111.15 mm / 0.5 kg
Váha tovaru: 0.0000 kg

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