IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad 15.4" LCD LP154W02 42T0422

PN: 42T0422
EAN: 15479KH314852
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LG.Philips LCD LP154W02-TL10 Mechanical FeaturesPanel Size :15.4 inchPixel Features :ResolutionPixel ArrangementDot Pitch (W×H)Pixel Pitch (W×H)1680(RGB)×1050, WSXGA+RGB Vertical Stripe0.06575×0.19725 mm0.19725×0.19725 mmMechanical Size :Active Area (W×H)Bezel Area (W×H)Outline Dimension (W×H)Outline Depth331.38×207.11 mm335.0×210.7 mm344×222 mm6.5 (Max.) mmOutline Features :Form StyleAspect RatioOrientationShape StyleFlat Rectangle16:10 (W : H)Landscape typeWedge (PCBA Bent, T?5.2mm)Fixation :Side mounting holes (8-M2) on left, right bezelOther Features :Panel CoverWeightSurface-550/565g (Typ./Max.)Antiglare, Hard coating (2H), AntireflectionDisclaimer : Inputted by panelook engineers according to datasheet, but we cannot guarantee the spec listed is entirely correct. Back to TopLG.Philips LCD LP154W02-TL10 Optical FeaturesBasic Information :BrightnessOperating ModeContrast Ratio200 cd/m2 (Typ.)TN, Normally White, Transmissive500:1 (Typ.) (Transmissive) Viewing Angle(L/R/U/D)Viewing DirectionResponse Speed65/65/50/50 (Typ.)(CR?10)-25 (Typ.)(Tr+Td) (ms)Dispaly Color :Color TemperatureColor AmountWhite color Chromaticity6485K262K (6-bit)X:0.313; Y:0.329Luminance Variation :1.82/2.00 (Typ./Max.)(13 points) Luminance Variation = Maximum / Minimum
1680 ×1050 WSXGA+Antiglare
Display Size
15.4" (344 ×222 ×6.5 mm)
200 cd/m2
Color Gamut
262K 45% NTSC
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